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Tuesdays from 4pm to 8pm: Taco Tuesday for Charity, with a weekly changing local charity. Four dollar tacos, easy dinner, and support local charities!

Thursdays from 7pm to 8pm: Trivia! Come have some fun while showing us what a know it all you are.

Friday March 11, 7pm:

Bob Marshall and The Crew

Classic rock and country with a touch of blues. Bob Marshall, Brandon Marshall, Bill LeBlanc.

March 12, 7pm:

Dark Blonde

Sheldon and Tania will give us a little taste of the tunes from the 1950’s to present day with an acoustic evening of soft rock and easy listening.

March 18, 7pm: Saint Patrick's Day Acadian Style!

The Acadians are bringing their party to Saint Patrick’s Day, with Sébastien Dol and Simon Robichaud! Guitar, violin and vocals. Expect a mix of songs including instrumental, old time fiddle, Acadien and Cajun.

March 19, 7pm: Wayne Morris and Claude

A mix of funk, blues, jazz and rock. Wayne brings years of experience to the table with a voice that lends itself to perfectly to bring back those days. Claude will join in on the harmonica, so it is sure to be a dynamic show.

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