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Service Limitations

With the current explosion of business (for which we are grateful beyond belief!), at times it currently takes us longer than usual to get everyone served. Our apologies for this, we are doing our best! Please be patient, as our staff is working as hard as they can in this heat. We are currently training extra kitchen staff, and we consider ourselves very lucky with the team we have! So please remember to be kind, they are working as hard as they can to serve you! 🤗 We do offer a beautiful space, nice views, live music, trivia, fresh meals cooked to order… and it takes time to cook to order with fresh ingredients. We encourage you to come and relax and enjoy everything we have to offer while we do the cooking for you!

Group Reservations

Going forward we are asking tables over 8 people to reserve in advance to help us be properly prepared. As so many places these days, staffing is a challenge. So to help us ensure the best possible service for all, please try and reserve in advance when planning to come with a larger group so we can be prepared and schedule our staff in accordingly. If you arrive with 9 or more people without a reservation, we may have to turn you away in order to try and maintain good service levels for others.

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